BUNDLE! Cocktails Bundle - 6 Double Sided Photobooth Props


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Our Cocktail Photobooth Props are now available bundled in this 6 prop collection! 

PROP ONE: Blue Lagoon / Piña Colada

I know you want to sing the song. The one about getting caught in the rain? Me too. Imagine yourself lounging on a warm beach with a cool blended drink.... condensation gathering on the outside of your glass. This prop is happy to help take you there!

Side one features the perfect Blue Lagoon cocktail, garnished with cherries and a lime wedge - complete with little umbrella.

Side two features a tropical Piña Colada cocktail, and has a cute little green umbrella next to a delicious pineapple garnish.

10" tall, 4.9" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP TWO: Margarita / Grapefruit Empress

Tastes like summer up in this party!

Side one features a Margarita - lime wedge, salted rim and all.

Side two features a Grapefruit Empress. Tart!

Measures: 10" tall, 6.45" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP THREE: Martini / Cosmopolitan

Olives in your martini, lime on your cosmo - ready to party!

Side one features a martini garnished with olives.

Side two features a cosmopolitan garnished with a lime wedge.

Measures: 10" tall, 6.26" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FOUR: Old Fashioned / Moscow Mule

My personal favorites - sweet and tart and bitter and perfect. 

Side one features a classic Old Fashioned cocktail garnished with a cherry.

Side two features a Moscow Mule, served in the classic copper cup we all know and love!

Measures: 9" tall, 6.08" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FIVE: Sex on the Beach / Long Island Ice Tea

Get a touch of sweet going at your party!

Side one features the cocktail 'Sex on the Beach' complete with lemon wedge and cherries to garnish.

Side two features a long island ice tea, complete with lemon wedge.

Measures: 10" tall, 5.53" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP SIX: Tom Collins / Mojito

Refreshing cocktails, step right up!

Side one features a Tom Collins cocktail, with cherries and lemons to garnish.

Side two features a Mojito - mint leaves and lime wedges between the ice.

Measures: 10" tall, 4.74" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

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