5 Ways to Spice Up Your Office Holiday Party

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Office Holiday Party

The season of corporate holiday parties is upon us! Ugly Christmas sweaters, eggnog, and Christmas lights are nipping at our heels. Events and parties are already filling up everyone's calendars, so here are some ways to make yours stand out from the rest.

Check out 5 ways to spice up your office events below.♡

1. Photo Booth Props

Everyone loves a good photo booth at a party, but what about the photo booth props? Props To You is ready to provide durable, high quality, hand-held props for your holiday parties this year! Give back to your hard-working, dedicated, amazing, wonderful employees with a photo booth and props. Take an adjective with you. :)

2. Potlucks

Take an hour or two during the office lunch break to show off your baking and/or cooking skills. My green bean casserole is better than yours, Megan! If your boss signs off on it, bring your favorite holiday drinks. Alcoholic or not so. Hot chocolate is a favorite in our office! 

3. Gift Exchange/Secret Santa

A gift exchange is a wonderful way to boost company morale. Get out those handy spreadsheets and exchange away! If cute spreadsheets and organizing secret Santa isn't an option, a White Elephant Gift Exchange is also a fun alternative. Set a budget and get to shopping! 

4. Cubicle Decorating Contest

Tune in to your creative side and personalize your workspace with a fun cubicle decorating competition. Prize goes to the best desk! I know of a talented designer here at Props To You who can create cute seasonal accessories for your desk space. Keep it seasonal and keep it personal. Happy decorating! 

5. Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf is a fun holiday activity for everyone, no matter your age! See what mischief your elf can get into around the office this season. Our elf likes to hang out in the lobby with the gummy bears. Assign an elf handler for each week of the month until Christmas vacation!

I hope these 5 ideas will help you and your party planning committee in the days to come! The holiday season can be an overwhelming and busy time for everyone. Remember to appreciate the reason for bringing everyone together this holiday season and enjoy the festivities with your employees and coworkers.

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