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Telephone: +1 (737) 667-9040
Address: 3883 E University Ave, Unit 1102, Georgetown, TX, 78626
Email: team (at) propstoyou.com
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Who Are We?

PropsToYou was created by two photo booth industry professionals during the Global Pandemic of 2020 and 2021. As event numbers dropped, focus shifted to invest in making sure their photo booth business had every possible future event covered. This meant acquiring photo booth props, backdrops, and the most up-to-date software and booking system. They found that locating sources for paper-based disposable props was easy and plentiful… but it was difficult finding durable photo booth props! They wanted props that would last and also be easily sanitized between customers at photo booth events.

As serial entrepreneurs, they used their access to different materials and methods to test out new photo booth props. Once they found the magic formula to the perfect photo booth prop that fit the requirement of endurance, as well as being easily, thoroughly sanitized, they gathered up their team. Working together, the list of category ideas (common - and not so common) for photo booth props was made, and the designs set into motion. Thus, PropsToYou was born.

The PropsToYou team is definitely all-hands-on deck, and everyone works together to bring these props to life though sometimes we gravitate more towards one job or another. Our team and typical focus consists of:

Marc & Jaycee Summers - the fuel in the tank that started it all!

Sherry Dyer - the bus driver who keeps us on the correct road by directing culture, vision, and workload.

Francie Collins - our machine operator of many talents who can often be found printing props while listening to an eclectic mix of music from soulful and melodic to loud hair bands.  

Trisha Epperson - our creative design team lead, bringing ideas to life to add to our shop.

Together, we put our heart and minds together and produce high quality props with completely original designs in a variety of themes. We hope you love these props as much as we have loved making them!