BUNDLE! Fun Signs Bundle - 5 Double Sided Photobooth Props


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Our Fun Signs Photobooth Props are now available bundled in this 5 prop collection!

PROP ONE: Best Party Ever / Woohoo!

WOOOO! This fun sign speech bubble is colorful and universally perfect for your party in every way! Let everyone know that you're at the best party having the best time with this fun photo prop.

Side one features the message "Best Party Ever!" on a dark purple background surrounded by colorful confetti.

Side two features the exclamation "Woohoo!" on a blue background covered with colorful paint splatters.

Measures: 9" wide, 7.9" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP TWO: Cheers! / Party Party Party

I like to read the party cupcake speech bubble to the beat of 'conga conga con-ga!' ...it feels more fun that way. Get your party on!

Side one features the message "Cheers!" under two clinking beer mugs.

Side two features two 'clinking' cupcakes with the encouragement to "Party Party Party" underneath them.

Measures: 9" tall, 8.68" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.
Weighs: 4.4oz.

PROP THREE: I'm the Cool One / Let's Drink

Get your bragging rights in with the message to everyone that you are, in fact, the cool one with this speech bubble prop!

Side one features a chilly blue design with the message "I'm the Cool One" surrounded by snowflakes. Will you be challenged on that title? Only one way to find out!

Side two features the encouraging message, "Let's Drink" along with a frothy beer mug.

Measures: 10" wide, 7.24" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FOUR: Let's Dance / I'm Awesome

You know you have to dance if you're at a party! And who's awesome? You're awesome! Maybe you need to tell it to the world - they should know.

Side one features a colorful speech bubble with the message "I'm Awesome" complete with a pointing finger so you know exactly where the awesome person is at.

Side two features a bright, colorful speech bubble decorated with music notes and the message, "Let's Dance!"

Measures: 9" wide, 7.97" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.
Weighs: 3.9oz.

PROP FIVE: Say Cheese / Love It

If it's time for a picture, you know what you say. CHEEEEEEEESE! Get that camera rolling!

Side one features the cheesiest reminder with the message "Say Cheese" on a yellow background decorated with - you guessed it - cheese!

Side two features the message "Love It" on a red background covered in hearts, to really let us know that you approve!

Measures: 8.28" wide, 5.99" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.
Weighs: 3oz.

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