We can create a Custom Photo Booth Prop with any design.  You can supply your own artwork or send us your ideas and our in-house designers will create the custom prop for you.

We have created Custom Props for:



The cost for custom props is based on the number of square inches per prop.












Setup Fees (Creation of Print and Cut Files)

1 Custom Prop - $30.00

2-4 Custom Props - $40.00

5+ Custom Props - $60.00

Design Fees (Artwork Design) 

Our custom design fee for creating custom photo prop art is based on an hourly rate of $50/hr. (Does not apply if you provide the artwork.)


If you have any about your custom photo booth prop needs you can send us an email to team+custom@propstoyou.com or complete this form and we will have our custom prop creation experts get in touch and discuss your needs.