BUNDLE! 1950's Bundle - 5 Double Sided Photobooth Props


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Our 1950’s Photobooth Props are now available bundled in this 5 prop collection! 

PROP ONE: I Love the 50's / Hey Daddy O

Is it daddy-o or daddio? No matter what, you have to admit that it looks really great in classic neon.

Side one features the romanticizing of a decade with the message, "I Love the 50's" in a clean, crisp design that goes with the black, teal, pink, and white theme.

Side two features the message "Hey Daddy O" in pink neon with classic checkerboard filling out the speech bubble background. Makes me want to visit a drive-in just looking at it!

Measures: 9.5" wide, 7.42" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

Weighs: 4.1oz.

PROP TWO: Male / Female Hair With Glasses

Head to the sock hop in style with these hair props from the 1950's, complete with glasses!

Side one features a blonde updo accented with a pink bow and stylish glasses.

Side two features a classic 'greaser' hairdo and black & white glasses.

8.5" wide, 7.6" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

Weight: 3.6oz.

PROP THREE: Peachy Keen / Stud Arrow

Everything is peachy keen! Livin' clean! Squeaky bean! Know what I mean? This prop also serves to help you point out the nearest stud. Tell me about it!

Side one features the message "Peachy Keen" on a peachy background for our arrow sign cutout.

Side two features the clear labeling, "Stud" in teal, on a hot pink background.

Measures: 10" wide, 4.57" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FOUR: Soda Bottle / Microphone

Enjoy that classic fizzy cola drink - or become a suave crooner. With this prop, you can do both!

Side one features an ocean blue labeled soda pop cola bottle. Hope you have a bottle opener on you!

Side two features a vintage silver microphone.

Measures: 10" tall, 3.92" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

Weighs: 2.1oz.

PROP FIVE: Strawberry / Chocolate Milkshake

Life can be a dream - shu bob shu bop! Split a delicious milkshake with someone you adore, just like the good ol' days. With this prop, you can choose... strawberry or chocolate?

Side one features a pink strawberry milkshake complete with two straws and a cherry on top.

Side two features a brown chocolate milkshake adorned with two straws and a cherry on top. Classic.

Measures: 11" tall, 5.78" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

Weighs: 2.5oz.

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