BUNDLE! 1980's Bundle - 6 Double Sided Photobooth Props


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Our 1980’s Photobooth Props are now available bundled in this 6 prop collection! 

PROP ONE: Blonde / Brunette Jazzercise Sweat Band Ponytail

Your best cassette? Check! High pony with totally bright scrunchie? Check! Fluffy terrycloth sweat band? Check! You are ready to be so totally rad.

Side one features a blue, green, purple set of headphones on a blonde ponytail.

Side two features a pink, yellow, orange set of headphones on a brunette ponytail.

Measures: 8.2" wide, 8.75" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP TWO: Pink / Black Boom Box / Stereo

Look at this beast! I know you want to hoist it onto your shoulder and throw some sick sunglasses on.

Side one features a pink stereo - I mean, boom box.

Side two features a black boom box.

Note: Handle has a cutout space for your fingers to go. 

Measures: 9.82" wide, 8.5" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP THREE: Silver / Colorful Checkerboard Microphone

You're a music legend of the 80's with those laser lights beaming on stage with this prop!

Side one features the classic silver microphone from the 80's, complete with colorful lights in the background.

Side two features the microphone in a colorful checkerboard pattern that was everywhere during this decade.

Measures: 10" tall, 4.02" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FOUR: Totally Rad / Like Totally

Gotta love dated slang - it just pulls you right back!

Side one features the message "Totally Rad" in retro style, located on none other than one beautiful rubics cube.

Side two features the message "Like, Totally" surrounded by neon checkerboard pattern.

Measures: 8.8" wide, 8.5" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FIVE: Walkman / Just Cool It

Throw your favorite cassette in here and tune out the haters while you jam on!

Side one features a yellow and pink cassette player.

Side two features the message "Just Cool It" in familiar style.

Measures: 10" wide, 6.64" tall.

PROP SIX: Blonde / Brunette Flat Top Hair with Aviator Sunglasses and Handlebar Mustache

Retro classic, straight outta Magnum PI? You know it's cool.

Side one features a perfect flat top haircut with stylish aviator sunglasses perched over a magnificent handlebar mustache, all brunette.

Side two features the same but in blonde.

7.3" wide x 8" tall. 5mm thick. PVC.

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