BUNDLE! Christmas - Classic Bundle - 5 Double Sided Photobooth Props


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Our Christmas - Classic Photobooth Props are now available bundled in this 6 prop collection! 


PROP ONE: Define Naughty / Angelic Nice Speech Bubble

Naughty, nice - who's counting? I mean other than Santa. Wait, there's got to be a fine line here somewhere, right? 

Side one features the message "Define Naughty" on a black & white background with plaid edge.

Side two features the angelic themed message "Nice" on a blue background complete with golden edge.

Measures: 10" wide, 8" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP TWO: Peppermint / String Light Glasses

Frame your festive peepers with this prop!

Side one features a candy cane set of frames.

Side two features tiny Christmas lights set to make the frames!

Measures: 7" wide, 3.38" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP THREE: Santa / Decorated Evergreen Beard

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be the big man himself? Channel your inner Santa with this prop - or show off a festively decorated beard of your own!

Side one features the classic Santa beard in all it's white fluffy glory.

Side two features the best modern Christmas trend - an evergreen beard decorated in baubles and ornaments. Who needs a tree when you have your face?

Measures: 10" tall, 8.15" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FOUR: Merry Bright Peppermint / Christmas Circle

Send a festive message with this sign prop!

Side one features a sweet candy cane circle surrounding the message, "Merry & Bright" wrapped in holiday lights.

Side two features a snowy whirl of snowflakes surrounding the message, "Merry Christmas" written in red.

Measures: 8.5" tall, 8.5" wide. 5mm thick, PVC.

PROP FIVE: Reindeer Antlers With Frosty Hat

You know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and the rest of them... why - I think you would make an excellent addition to the team!

Side one features Santa's reindeer antlers and a black silk hat accented by a pretty poinsettia.

Side two features Santa's reindeer antlers and a gold silk hat accented by holly berries on the brim.

Measures: 10" wide, 7.31" tall. 5mm thick, PVC.

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